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Jamu Gendul 88

Unlock Idonesia's Spices and Herbs' Potential.

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Jamu Gendul 88 provides Homemade Jamu, Tisane, and Dried Spices, Herbs, and Fruits. We use traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations in our family in Kediri. Using fresh ingredients that are naturally grown by farmers in Kab. Tangerang and Kab. Lebak, Banten, our products are free from preservatives, additives, and artificial sweeteners and coloring agents. Through our Acaraki Journey, we hope to preserve the Jamu heritage and local wisdom, as well as explore the full potential of Indonesian herbs and spices. We also want to provide job opportunity for underprivileged women in Kab. Lebak, Banten.



Revitalize your body with our ready-to-drink jamu selection.

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tisane, hampers

Indulge in the soothing aroma and flavor of our tisanes, elegantly packaged in our curated hampers.

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Enhance the taste and aroma of your tea time with our premium selection of dried spices, herbs, & fruits.

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Our best-seller, a refreshing turmeric and tamarind tonic with ginger, Kaempferia galangal and Javanese turmeric, packed with antioxidants and immune-boosting properties. A true wellness elixir.

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Aromatic, spicy, and versatile. Perfect for adding a kick to your cooking or soothing a sore throat.

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Tangy, zesty, and full of vitamin C. Ideal for flavoring beverages, cooking, garnish, or as a healthy snack.

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Our Certifications


All of our products in the 'Ready to Drink Jamu' category have been given a Halal Certificate from the Ministry of Religion. Certificate number: ID35110001579041122


Our workshop has earned a Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate from BPOM. Five of our products are already registered with BPOM and have commercial licenses. We will gradually register all of our products. Certificate number: PB-UMKU: 191021002654800000002

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1 / Jamu Kunir Asem

BPOM RI MD 023182000100061

2 / Jahe Merah Kering

BPOM RI MD 023182000200061

3 / Lemon Lokal Kering

BPOM RI MD 023182000300061

4 / Jahe Gajah dan Jahe Emprit Kering

BPOM RI MD 023182000400061

5 / Sereh Kering

BPOM RI MD 023182000500061

6/ Kunyit dan Kunyit Biang Kering

BPOM RI MD 023182000600061

7/ Kecombrang Kering

BPOM RI MD 023182000700061

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You can find our profile at ukmjagowan.id, which is a platform for curated local enterprises. Click here to visit the website.

Experience the benefits of our premium products by visiting our online store today. Browse through our wide selection of dried spices, herbs, fruits, tisanes, hampers, and ready-to-drink jamu. Place your order now and discover the flavors and aromas of our high-quality products!

Welcome to our blog! Discover the benefits of Indonesian spices and herbs, the journey of crafting traditional herbal tonics, and explore flavorful Indonesian recipes packed with aromatic spices.

Lemon Palembang dan Lemon Jawa memiliki perbedaan rasa dan kadar air, bentuk, warna, dan aroma.

Tisane Jamu Gendul 88 adalah minuman herbal yang bebas kafein dan bisa dibuat sendiri dengan mengkombinasikan beragam rempah.

Panduan sederhana untuk meminimalisir dampak lingkungan dari aktifitas jajan jamu.